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Vinyl Presale

Jeffrey M. Kelly

Venmo: @jefe_kelly

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*Please note that there is quite a lead time on vinyl pressing here in the U.S. right now. I will be logging each of the pre-sales in a database and will mail out the album as soon as I have wax in hand. I love and appreciate you all!

Vinyl is not cheap to produce, but is such a unique and beautiful way to hear the music in an extremely intentional way. In the streaming age, there are so few ways for artists to recoup any of the inherent costs that go into recording, mixing, and mastering songs and albums. I chose to self-fund all these steps as this project was a personal desire to make my best piece of art to date in the most independent of ways. I am incredibly proud of these songs as well as the process that got them to where they are today.


That said, my hope is that there are enough of you out there that want a tangible product - something you can hold, listen to, and physically share with others. I would love to get this 8-song album out in the world outside of streaming services. Though I have an old pickup truck, capable of playing cassettes and CD's, many don't have those same archaic luxuries. Vinyl is my favorite means of listening to music - eyes closed, candle burning, and listening, truly listening, to the songs as that record spins. 

As an independent artist, I want to create a presale as intentional as the music itself - no go-fund me, kickstarter, or other third party campaigning... I want to be the direct go-between the vinyl and the consumer. As such, all I ask is hit me up, say you would like a vinyl, and go ahead and order via PayPal, Venmo, cash, check, or whatever works best. When providing payment to any of these cash apps add a note saying "Vinyl Presale" so I know what it's for, also adding a mailing address is a plus! $35 will get you one of these records.


I want you to love this album as much as I do.

- Jeffrey


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