The last few weeks have resulted in sweeping changes to the music industry (and society as a whole). There has been a dramatic shift from live events and social gatherings, to a warmer embrace, albeit it out of obligation, to more online live streaming and concerts. Artists that are unable to perform for audiences are relying heavily on the kindness of donations for revenue. If you feel so inclined, head on over to my Bandcamp site (visible in the link below and in the STORE section of my website) for some comfy shirts and tunes to get you through these crazy times.


Stay healthy, find joy where you can, and help those in need,



Jeff Kelly and the GRAVEYARD SHIFT

The band’s debut long-player unpacks the most harrowing confessions of his heart, skin-shocked electricity flowing outward from his pen and finally flying free in gravelly, throat-clogging wails. He handles tattered images of love and loss with cool, brazen recklessness, and you never once get a chance to catch your breath.

B-Sides and Badlands (2018)